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November 2015 Auction Results

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Lot Number Item Description Hammer Price
1 Blair "Hawkeye Detective" 4x5 camera set. An uncommon camera and a rare late-model version. $400
2 Ducati "Sogno" (Model 6401.1) Nr. 02635 with 35mm Vitor f3,5 lens Nr. 07782. With original case and engraved lens cap. $700
3 Expo Pocketwatch Camera with film cassette and viewfinder. $225
4 The Kodak (Original 1888 Model) Nr. 885. The very first Kodak camera - made in 1888 from the very first batch produced - with its original felt lens cap. A rare and very fine piece of photographic history. unsold
5 Petal Subminiature Spy Camera. Box and camera engraved "Made in Occupied Japan". Complete with instructions. unsold
6 Robot II Black Nr. F56262-6 with Schneider-Kreuznach 40mm Xenon f1,9 lens Nr. 4445441. Body engaved "Luftwaffe Eigentum" on rear. $300
7 Robot II Chrome Nr. B30150 with Carl Zeiss Jena 30mm Tessar f2,8 lens Nr. 1726138. unsold
8 An unused and complete 8x20 C Trinovid set Special Edition Nr. 979433, in Cobra Skin covering, with presentation box and papers. $400
9 Zeiss 8 x 56 Dialyt binoculars Nr. 228632, with original caps and case. An uncommon rubber-armored field binocular set. unsold
10 Zeiss 50mm S-Orthoplanar f4 Nr. 6007794. Quite rare. With original front cap, in M36 screw mount thread. $1,000
CANON --- ---
11 Canon 35mm-135mm Universal Viewfinder Nr. 14132, with original leather case. unsold
12 Canon 19mm f3,5 Ultra-Wide angle lens Nr. 10477 in Leica screw mount, complete with caps and 19mm viewfinder. unsold
13 25mm Serenar f3,5 Nr. 10492 with case and caps. unsold
14 35mm Serenar f3,2 Nr. 74362 with viewfinder, case and caps. $200
15 50mm f0,95 "Dream Lens" Nr. 22852 complete with Canon filter, caps and original case. In Canon mount. The "Canon Noctilux" - a gorgeous lens. $2,300
16 85mm Serenar f2 Nr. 50951 with viewfinder. Some damage to front optic coating. unsold
17 1200mm Canon FL f11 "S.S.C." Nr. 10291 with 400mm-1200mm Focusing Unit Nr. 10439 with strap and original caps. unsold
18 Canon S "Seiki-Kogaku" Nr. 11048 with 50mm Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 501676. Incomplete leatherette. unsold
19 Canon S II "Seiki-Kogaku" Nr. 15351 with 50mm Serenar f3,5 Nr. 9030. Engraved "Made in Occupied Japan." Leatherette lifting slightly. $1,100
20 Canon S II Nr. 21353 with 50mm f1,8 lens Nr. 131466. Camera engraved "Made in Occupied Japan." A late example of an uncommon camera. Sticky slow speeds. unsold
21 Canon IV F Nr. 63135 with 50mm Serenar f1,8 Nr. 62660. Some coating damage to the interior elements. unsold
22 Canon 7 Nr. 821385 in Black Paint finish. Meter and speeds are slightly off. unsold
23 Canon 7s Nr. 122360 with 50mm f0,95 lens Nr. 14525 with original cap. $2,100
24 Canon 7s Nr. 112566 with 50mm f0,95 lens Nr. 27788 with original cap. $1,800
25 Canon VT with built-in rapid winder Nr. 513965 with 50mm f1,2 lens Nr. 13461. $350
26 Canon VT Deluxe with built-in rapid winder Nr. 564573 with 50mm f1,2 lens Nr. 48268. Small dent on left shoulder. $325
NIKON --- ---
27 7,5mm Fish-eye-Nikkor f5,6 lens set Nr. 750018 complete with all three original caps and 19mm viewfinder. $600
28 Nikon SP Nr. 6209569 with 85 Serenar f2 Nr. 291861. $550
29 Nikon S Nr. 6107084 with 50mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 333630. unsold
30 Nikon M Rangefinder Nr. M6093372. Engraved "Made in Occupied Japan." unsold
ROLLEI, Medium & Large Formats --- ---
31 Hasselblad SWC/M Nr. RS142589 with 38mm Biogon f4,5 T* Nr. 6194149. Complete with wide-angle finder and A12 film back Nr. RT3289513. unsold
32 Plaubel Proshift 69W Superwide set Nr. 327931 with Schneider 47mm MC Super-Angulon f5,6 lens Nr. 13922431. With viewfinder, case, strap, eyecup, cable release, instruction booklet and original boxes. unsold
33 Plaubel / Schneider Center Filter II (47mm) for the Plaubel 69W Superwide camera. With case, box and papers. unsold
34 Plaubel Makina 670 with 80mm Nikkor f2,8 Nr.(B) 522079. With lens shade, case, strap, eyecup, filter, filter adapter and boxes. unsold
35 Rolleiflex 2,8F "AURUM" Nr. 8300455 with 80mm Xenotar f2,8 lens Nr. 13964915. Completewith strap and instructions in original boxes. unsold
36 Rolleicord II (Type 2) Nr. 2123832. A late production example with original cable release. Shutter sticky. unsold
37 Rolleiflex 3,5 Automat MX 6x6 (Type 1) Nr. 1223764, with 75mm f3,5 Xenar lens Nr. 2573780. With original case. unsold
38 Rolleiflex 3,5F (Type 4) "White Face" Nr. 2841102 with 75mm Planar f3,5 lens Nr. 5123141 with case. $1,400
39 Tele-Rolleiflex Nr. S2302635 (Type 1) with 135mm Sonnar f4 Nr. 2693163. Slight wear on optics. $650
40 Wide-Rolleiflex Nr. W2492398 with 55mm Distagon f4 lens. Cleaning marks. $1,600
41 Rolleiflex 2,8F (Type 1) Nr. 2404806 with 80mm Planar f2,8 lens Nr. 2758989 with case and strap. $800
42 Custom-made V-Pan 617 Mark III camera set Nr. 1251 with Ries tripod Model J100, Double Tilt Head Model J250, and J801 lined carrying case. unsold
43 Deardorff 8x10 View Camera Nr. 6090. With original warranty card and "f.64" backpack. A rare and very clean late-manufactured view camera. unsold
44 Widelux FB Nr. 348551. $500
45 ABCOO nickel-finish film trimming knife, in original Leitz case. $100
46 ABLON film leader trimmer in its original box. $150
47 Panorama Head FARUX outfit with 3 rings - 35mm, 50mm and 105mm for the "Mountain Elmar." With 1/4-inch fitting in home-made case. $150
48 Angle-Bracket FIAVI. unsold
49 Slow-Speed Device HEBOO in Black & Nickel finish. $130
50 Focorapid 14111 rapid focusing device for the Visoflex II and III systems, with 14112 280mm and 14114 135mm extension rings, in original box. $500
51 Filter Turret 14116 for the Visoflex II or III system, complete in box with instructions. Uncommon. $300
52 Filter adapter SOOGZ for A36 lenses to take e39 filters. $50
53 Leica Meter MR-4 in Black Enamel Nr. 7608, with warranty card. Working fine and very pretty. unsold
54 Leica Meter MR-4 in Black Enamel Nr. 37783, working. $130
55 Leica Meter MR-4 in Black Chrome Nr. 45353, working. $70
56 Leica Meter MR-4 in Black Chrome Nr. 44025, working. unsold
57 Rapid Winder SCNOO in Black Enamel and chrome finish, for early Leica cameras. In original box and recently serviced. Quite rare. $1,000
58 Leicavit MP Rapid Winder SYOOM-M for the Leica M camera, in original box with instructions. $1,700
59 Lens Shade OLLUX for the first version of the 35mm Summilux f1,4 lens, made from 1960-1964. $500
60 Lens Shade OLLUX for the first version of the 35mm Summilux f1,4 lens, made from 1960-1964. A very clean example of a rare lens shade. unsold
61 The original "Benser Plate," designed to replace the M camera baseplate and hold two M lenses underneath the Leica M camera, in original box. $70
62 The famous Benser Case for the Leica M camera, with original carry strap. Uncommon in this condition. $70
63 Remo Belt Clip for a Leica M film camera. Small chip in leatherette inside clip. $50
64 Komura 2x Telemore converter Nr. 671302. A rare tele-converter for Leica screw-mount lenses. Complete in case. unsold
65 Right-Angle Finder WINTU Black. unsold
66 Long-Base Rangefinder FODIS Black Nr. 30200 marked in Feet. $110
67 28mm Collapsible Albada Finder SUOOQ chrome. unsold
68 35mm Bright-Line Finder SBLOO in original box. $150
69 50mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI in original box. $160
70 73mm Collapsible Finder SAIOO for the 73 Hektor f1,9 lens, in original case. $375
71 85mm Bright-Line Finder SGOOD, made for the 85mm Summarex f1,5 lens, marked in feet. $225
72 135mm Bright-Line Finder SHOOC in original box. $80
73 200mm Viewfinder SFTOO in original box. unsold
74 Sportsfinder ROSOL Chrome for 50-90-135mm. $50
75 Universal Finder VIDOM in Black & Chrome finish with 73mm frame, in original case. $80
76 IMARECT Universal Viewfinder VIOOH Nr. 12424 in box. $120
77 Film Viewer VOTRA in original lined presentation box. Rare. $400
78 Stereoly Stereo Device VORSA Nr. 2787 for screw mount Leica cameras, in original case. unsold
79 Zeiss Steritar-A set Nr. 812 complete with instructions in original box. Slight coating wear on optics. unsold
LEICA SLR --- ---
80 45-90mm Angenieux Paris f2,8 Nr. 1274507 2-cam with rear cap and original brochure. unsold
81 Angenieux 70-210mm Zoom f3,5 Nr. 1510500. Complete with caps, filter, papers and original boxes. $650
82 15mm Super-Elmar-R f3,5 Nr. 3217582. A hard-to-find super-wide lens for the Leica R camera. unsold
83 21mm Super-Angulon-R f3,4 Nr. 2056107 with originl hood and caps, made for the Leicaflex Standard. Recently serviced. unsold
84 280mm APO-Telyt-R f2,8 Nr. 3280178 with original case, caps, strap and instructions. Uncommon. unsold
85 400/560/800mm APO-Telyt-R set Nr. 3266893. A very clean and complete APO-Telyt-R modular lens set, rarely offered as a complete set. Both focus Modules (11843 and 11845) are complete in their original boxes. unsold
86 Leica R3 MOT Electronic Nr. 1510908 "AZTEC" set Nr. 066, complete with motor winder and grip, 28mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2962569, 50mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 2942081and 135mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2984430 lenses. Made in 1979 in a limited Edition of perhaps 500 sets. unsold
87 Leicaflex "Attrappe" (Dummy) display camera. Made for Leica dealers to display, the camera has no interior mechanisms. Very rare. unsold
88 Leicaflex SL Nr. 1222657, in Black Enamel finish. Self-timer broken. unsold
89 21mm Super-Angulon f4 Nr. 1676605 made in Leica Screw Mount. A rare and very clean example. unsold
90 28mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 274073. An early wide-angle screw mount lens. unsold
91 28 Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1412892. unsold
92 35mm Summaron f2,8 Nr. 1755211, made in Wetzlar in 1960 for Leica screw mount cameras. $1,200
93 Zeiss 35mm Biogon f2,8 Nr. 1135390 in Contax mount. $190
94 Steinheil 35mm Orthostigmat f4,5 VL Nr. 654161. unsold
95 Kodak 47mm Ektar f2 Nr. EO11595. Engraved "Premier Instrument Corp." $750
96 Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1,5 Nr. 3421218. A very desirable screw mount lens. $2,200
97 50mm Xenon f1,5 Nr. 288930 with very rare XIOOM "barn door" lens shade. A very early example of the Xenon lens with Agfa-process black-dot markers and a simple engraving: "Leitz Xenon f=5cm 1:1,5 No. 288930 D.R.P." Recently serviced. $800
98 50 Summar f2 Nr. 422925 made in 1938 with red dot marking on front inscription ring. Possibly denoted a lens delivered to a tropical loaction, which were made with an extra element. Rare. $650
99 65mm Elmar f3,5 Chrome Nr. 2067012 complete in the box wth caps. unsold
100 73mm Hektor f1,9 Nr. 121587 complete with lens shade and caps. $900
101 85mm Summarex f1,5 Silver Chrome Nr. 940107 complete with lens shade and caps. unsold
102 85mm Summarex f1,5 in Black Paint finish Nr. 593286. With original lens shade. Engraved "Red Richards". unsold
103 90mm Thambar f2,2 Nr. 226184 complete with soft-focus filter, lens shade and caps. A rare portrait lens. Marked in Feet. unsold
104 90mm Thambar f2,2 Nr. 311285 with soft-focus filter. Marked in Meters. unsold
105 Wollensak 90mm Velostigmat f4,5 Nr. 453796. $70
106 90mm "Parallel" Elmar f4 Nr. 1936470. An uncommon version in screw mount. unsold
107 105mm "Mountain" Elmar f6,3 Nr. 162822 complete with lens shade and caps. unsold
108 125mm Hektor f2,5 Canada Nr. 1760646 complete in its original box with "E. Leitz New York" Skylight filter, shade, and caps. From the last batch of 600 lenses made. $600
109 Wollensak 127mm Velostigmat f3,5 Nr. 452348. Engraved "E. Leitz New York" $80
110 Kilfit 150mm Kilar f3,5 Nr. 206-4279. An uncommon telephoto lens made for the Leica screw mount. With hood. $70
111 180mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2082558. Made for the Visoflex system, this lens is one of less than 300 examples ever made. With filter set and caps. $1,000
112 Leica I (Model A) Nr. 37128 with close-focus 50mm Elmar f3,5 lens $700
113 Leica I (Model A) Nr. 37764 with close-focus 50mm Elmar f3,5 lens. Made in 1930. $800
114 Leica II (Model D) Nr. 85302 with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 179266. Shutter broken. unsold
115 Leica II (Model D) Chrome Nr. 241532. Heavy wear on baseplate. unsold
116 Leica IIIa Nr. 224308 with Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1,5 Nr. 3161629 in vary rare Leica screw mount. Cleaning marks on front element. $2,100
117 Leica IIIf Red Dial Nr. 690302 Self-Timer, with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1089906 Red Scale, and Leicavit rapid winder. All serviced recently and the camera recovered. unsold
118 Leica IIIf Nr. 594373 beautifully refinished in stunning green enamel with 50mm Elmar f3,5 lens Nr. 1048085. Recently serviced. $600
119 Leica "0" Series Replica Nr. 2676847. A working reproduction of the original 1923-4 "Null Serie" Leica camera, this complete example includes the leagther lens cap and ever-read case. One of 2,000 cameras, made in 2000 in Wetzlar, Germany. Complete in original box. $1,800
120 28mm Elmarit f2,8 Red Scale Nr. 2063371 with lens shade and original caps. This first version of the 28 Elmarit lens is hard to find and this is a very clean example. $1,700
121 28mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2734098, complete in original box with caps and lens shade. This second version of the 28 Elmarit lens works on all Leica M camera models, including the M digitals $1,200
122 28mm Elmarit-M f2,8 "Tiger Claw" Nr. 2977818 complete in original box with lens shade and caps. A very uncommon version of the 28 Elmarit, made in 1979. unsold
123 35mm Summilux f1,4 Chrome Nr. 1778610. Recently serviced. $5,000
124 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3501322. One of only 500 examples made in Germany, this one is complete in its original box with lens shade, caps and case. unsold
125 35mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Black Nr. 2680179 with lens shade. Exactly how many of these lenses were made is uncertain, but likely less than 2,000. Rare. unsold
126 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 Aspherical Nr. 3461694. The first version of the lens was hand-made with two spherical elements. Highly desireable. With lens shade, all caps, box, and warranty card. unsold
127 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 Aspherical Nr. 3461766. The first version of the lens, hand-made with two spherical elements. Highly desireable. With lens shade, all caps, box, and warranty card. unsold
128 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 Titanium Nr. 3730299 with lens shade and caps. $2,500
129 35mm Summicron-RF f2 Nr. 1657051. Made in Canada for the Leica M3. $1,050
130 35mm Summicron f2 Chrome Nr.2196834. Made in Germany. This 8-element version was made for the Leica M2. Complete in original box with display bubble and front cap. A beautiful example. $2,500
131 35mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3522337. Made in Germany in 1990, this example is still shrink-wrapped in plastic from the Leica factory. unsold
132 35mm Summicron-M f2 ASPH Black Enamel Nr. 4000253 with original front cap. An uncommon special edition lens - only about 2,000 were made. unsold
133 35mm Summicron-M f2 Silver Chrome Nr. 3684875 made in Germany and complete in its box with shade, caps, case and papers. unsold
134 50mm Noctilux f1 Nr. 3478232 with lens shade and caps in the original box. $3,800
135 50mm Noctilux-M f1 Nr. 3498012, complete in box with lens shade and caps. $4,100
136 50mm Summilux f1,4 Black Nr. 2419177 complete with lens shade, cap and display bubble in original box. unsold
137 50mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH "LHSA" Silver Chrome Nr. 3991009 complete with lens shade, caps and papers in presentation and outer boxes. $4,400
138 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 Nr. 2092136. Complete in original box with display bubble and front cap. Very pretty. $1,300
139 50mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2434313. Complete in original box with display bubble, lens shade and lens shade cap. unsold
140 50mm Summicron-M f2 "Tiger Claw" Nr. 2987017 complete with lens shade and caps in original box. "Tiger Claw" denotes the focus tab which is convex and has stirations rather than the traditional half-moon shape. unsold
141 75mm Summilux-M f1,4 Canada Nr. 3509050, complete in box. $3,300
142 90mm Summicron f2 Chrome Nr. 1651079, for the Visoflex system, made by special order only. Less than 150 pieces were made of the INVOO, with its aperture preset stop. Extremely clean. $500
143 90mm Summicron f2 Black Nr. 1743088. Made for the Visoflex system by special order only. Complete with bellows adapter ring and 14659 short-focus mount in its original E. Leitz New York box. Can be used as an ordinary M lens or for Visoflex applications. $1,300
144 90mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2624807* The asterisk following the serial number denotes that the lens was made to replace a damaged copy or because the serial number was used outside the ordinary allottment in 1972. Complete in matching-numbered box and caps. Quite rare. $900
145 90mm APO-Summicron-M f2 ASPH Titanium Nr. 3923256 with case. $2,900
146 90mm APO-Summicron-M f2 ASPH Titanium Nr. 3923462. $2,900
147 90mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1388693 Collapsible. $150
148 90mm Macro-Elmar-M f4 Silver Chrome Nr. 3970078. Complete in box with shade, caps, case and papers. Very rare in silver chrome finish - only about 1,500 pieces were made. $2,100
149 135 Elmarit-RF f2,8 Nr. 2325931. With original box. Hazy optics. $250
150 Leica M3 Double-Stroke Nr. 701273. Engraved "7843" on rear. A very early example of the first M Leica camera model, made in 1954. With original import certificate. unsold
151 Leica M3 Double-Stroke Nr. 781414 with 50mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1209013 with "L" seal intact, box and original import hang-tag. $1,200
152 Leica M3 Single-Stroke Nr. 973846. Recenly serviced. $1,200
153 Leica M3 Single Stroke Nr. 1056683 with 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 Nr. 1887152, both beautifully refinished in Black Enamel and recently serviced. $2,500
154 Leica M4 Nr. 1273365. Recently serviced, with original box and warranty card. unsold
155 Leica M4 Wetzlar Black Chrome Nr. 1380648 with "L" seal intact. $1,200
156 Leica M4 Wetzlar Black Chrome Nr. 1380984 with box and instruction booklet. "L" seal intact. $1,600
157 Leica M4 Canada Black Chrome Nr. 1382398. Recenly serviced. $1,800
158 Leica M4 "50-Jahre" Black Chrome Nr. 1412983. Despite its engravings, this camera was assembled in Canada and still bears the original "C" seal. A curious example, with matching box which reads, "Component parts made in Germany Camera assembled in Canada by Ernst Leitz Canada, LTD Midland, Ontario." $1,800
159 Leica CL "50-Jahre" Nr. 1425455 with 40mm Summicron-C f2 Nr. 2591648. Camera number "214-I" on rear. $750
160 Leica M4-P Nr. 1590308. Recenly serviced, with original box. unsold
161 Leica M6 TTL .72 Black Chrome Nr. 2478575. Recenly serviced by Leica U.S.A, complete in the original box. unsold
162 Leica M6 .58 TTL Nr. 2723317 in Black Paint made for the Leica Historical Society. This example comes from the collection of the originator of the LHSA Special Edition series, who worked closely with Leica Camera to create the M6 TTL "LHSA" black paint models. This .58-magnification camera is one of maybe 60 pieces ever made. The rarest by far of all modern Leica M cameras. Complete in box with original papers and letter of authenticity. $2,400
163 Leica M7 “50-Year M System” Nr. 3000185 with 50mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH Special Edition Set in Titanium finish. With display box and instruction booklets. Leica Camera AG, Solms presented this special limited edition of the Leica M7 of solid titanium at the Photokina 2004 in Cologne to mark the 50th anniversary of the Leica M system. $10,000
164 Leica MP3 "LHSA" Black Paint Special Edition set No. 3026151 (0517/1000) with 50mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH Black Paint Nr. 3990350, Leicavit MP Black Paint Nr. 00087, presentation box, cards and outer boxes. $9,500
165 15mm Hologon f8 set Nr. 5736193 in its original box and apparently unused. With 15mm spirit-level viewfinder, Neutral Density filter, and even the complete and blank warranty card! Very rare, very desirable. $15,000
166 33mm Stereo Stemar f3,5 Nr. 1124011 Screw-Mount with M adapter, M rear cap, Stemar lens shade OIGEO, Stemar Prism Nr. 1016 OIMPO, 33mm Stemar Bright-lIne finder OIDYO, and Stemar Viewer OTHEO. unsold
167 90mm P Angenieux f1,8 (Type P1) Nr. 313500 in original "M39" Leica screw mount with original metal thread-in front cap. A very rare rangefinder-coupled portrait lens from the early 1950s. $4,200
168 35mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1765667 in a very rare black finish. With curious non-chromed front ring. $23,500
169 35mm Summicron f2 Black Enamel Nr. 2312872. Made in Germany. A very rare lens in exceptional condition. $11,000
170 35mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1998624 Black Chrome made in Wetzlar, Germany. A very unusual and rare first version in black finish. $7,250
171 50mm Noctilux f1,2 Nr. 2255059. Complete with lens shade and Leitz Uva filter in original box with matching papers. A rare lens in exceptionally fine condition. $20,500
172 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 Black Enamel Nr. 1954634. All original with a beautiful patina. unsold
173 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 Nr. 1954599 in all original black paint finish with a beautiful patina. $3,400
174 Leica X-Ray camera Nr. "N.Y. 113" with 50mm Taylor-Hobson Xenon f1,5 lens Nr. 289939, marked in feet and engraved "Taylor-Hobson British Patent 373950 and U.S. Patent 2019985 Leitz Xenon f=5cm 1:1,5 No. 289939 D.R.P.a" $1,800
175 Leica IIIc Nr. 390549 K Grey with 50 Elmar f3,5 Nr. 583696. Note original white "K" stamp is still intact on shutter curtain. A military Grey IIIc "K" camera in exceptionally fine all original condition. unsold
176 OROLF M Lens Turret. Made in 1960, this is one of perhaps 250 ever made. Very rare. unsold
177 Leica M3 "Attrappe" Nr. 12076 A with 50mm Collapsible Summicron f2 "Attrappe" (no number). A very rare salesman's sample or window display unit. unsold
178 Leica M3 Single-Stroke Black Enamel Nr. 1038968 with box. All original and very rare in this condition. pass
179 Leica M3 Single Stroke Black Enamel Nr. 1059886. A rare and authentic camera in beautiful condition. $7,000
180 Leica M3 Single Stroke Black Enamel Nr. 1038966 with replaced leatherette, good shutter speeds and a loving patina. $7,500
181 Leica M2 Black Enamel Nr. 1130289. One of approximately 300 black enamel M2 cameras made in one of the last batches in 1965.Very rare and very pretty. unsold
182 Three Leica M2 cameras, sequentially numbered with three 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 lenses, also sequentially numbered. unsold
183 Three 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 lenses, sequentially numbered. Slight haze. $4,000
184 Leica M4 Black Paint Nr. 1247308. Recenly serviced. All original and very pretty. Quite rare in this condition. unsold
185 Leica M4 Black Enamel Nr. 1266593 engraved "Carter Tomassi" on back. unsold
186 A pair of Leica M4 Black Chrome cameras, made in Wetzlar and sequentially numbered: Nr. 1381897 and 1381898. Complete in their original boxes - extremely rare and very fine. Recently serviced. unsold
187 The Niko-Mar IV set. Includes a Nikon FEA camera Nr. 5400005 (Excellent ++ condition) with original instructions, a Nikon MD-12 Motor Drive Nr. 1526780 (Very Good condition), 18mm Nikkor f3,5 lens Nr. 184331 complete with lens shade, caps and case (Good condition), a Sekonic Marine-Meter Model L-164B Nr. 933391 with housing bracket, instruction booklet and case (Excellent ++ condition), and the complete Niko-Mar IV Underwater Housing unit (Excellent ++ condition). unsold
188 Canon HANSA Nr. 2468 on baseplate; mount Nr. 684. With 50mm Nikkor f3,5 (unnumbered). Canon's first rangefinder camera model. Leatherette is peeling but largely intact. Nonetheless, a desirable and hard-to-find camera set from the late 1930s. unsold
189 Nikon Reflex-Nikkor 2000mm f11 Mirror lens Nr. 200323, complete with leather lens cap in its original case, with AY-1 tripod mounting unit in fitted wood case unsold
190 Hegelein Watch Camera unsold