Slideshow Items

  • Leica MP Nr. 361 with Leicavit MP and 50mm Elmar f2,8. Stunning.

  • Leica I (Model A) Elmax Nr. 456

  • Leica M2 Self Timer in black paint finish. An exceptional example.

  • Leica M2 Nr. 950000 presented to renowned Italian photojournalist Fulvio Roiter in 1959

  • Prototype Leica M2 Nr. PL-P 000002

  • The Compur Summicron set

  • 50mm Noctilux f1,2

  • Leica M-A Titan Set Nr. 091

  • The Leica MP Edition Hermès Nr. 303

  • Nikon F High Speed Sapporo set

  • Nikon SP in black paint finish, with Nikon Motor

  • Leica Mifilmca 1/3x

  • Leica Reporter 250 GG Motorized

  • The Leica M6 TTL Millennium Edition set

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